Hardware and Software Specifications
Hardware IBM/Compatible; minimum 32 Mb memory. 3 Mb disk space required for storage of system components and support files. Storage for data additional. Windows printer (local or network) required. 1024x768 or better video recommended.
Operating System Windows ® NT4, 2000, XP, Vista or Windows/7.

Any database with ODBC version 3.0+ driver; SQL92 compliance; minimum 18-character column names.

The Microsoft "Jet" database included with all versions of Microsoft Windows after Windows 95/first release is suitable for use with the PPPS. A predefined, empty Jet database is included with the Basic system. Windows 95/first release users may download the Jet database engine from Microsoft at no charge.

The use of the Microsoft ODBC "Text" Driver is not recommended for use with the PPPS.

Database management software is not supplied with the PPPS.

Input/Output using network/server drive? Yes.
Multiple simultaneous users? Reports/Queries,Yes; Storing Remittance Data, No.

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