Provider Payment Partner
Provider Edition
Initial License Fee
Annual Maintenance
after warranty period*
PPPS Desktop: scan/store, query and Print/WYSIWYG Print Preview with X12N X091A1 and X221 (HIPAA) implementation maps.
Legacy Maps
PPPSCL Command-line utility; supports command-line storing of remittances to user-configured database for unattended or 'batch' operation.

All systems include ninety days warranty / technical support / upgrades. After initial warranty period technical support available only with maintenance. "Per incident" technical support is not available. Maintenance includes any upgrades required to comply with new CMS/HIPAA-mandated implementations. *Maintenance will only be offered by Tal Systems Inc. thru September 30 2011.

Additional maps available for legacy applications include Medicare 4A.01, Medicare 4B.00, Commercial (generic) ANSI 003051, and Blue Cross Blue Shield 2BCR.00 (ANSI 003051). Additional maps may be available; contact Tal Systems Inc. Legacy maps for use with for PPPS versions 2x and 3x are not usable with PPPS 4x amd must be relicensed if desired.

To order the Provider Payment Partner System, contact:
Tal Systems Inc.
5329 Charles St.
Racine, WI 53402-2119
(262) 681-3895

Or, send email to subject=Attn: Sales. Be sure to include a phone number, your city/state or time zone, and a "best time to call."

A full-featured time-limited evaluation copy of the PPPS is available on request.

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