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PPPS Provider Edition version 4.0 Standard Features

  • Select and scan any ANSI EDI file; map and store ANSI ASC X12N X091 or X221 (HIPAA-compliant) Electronic Remittance Advice; set up default remittance file name for each payer.

  • Output to database or delimited files.

  • Multiple simultaneous databases are supported. Use one database for Medicare, another for other payers; or search and report on remittance information previously archived with the Archive and Extract Wizard.

  • Standard Reports include: Remittance Summary, Claims Summary, Provider and Patient versions of Explanation of Remittance, Medicare Part A SPR and Medicare Part B/DME SPR; print one, all or selected claims from a payer's remittance or one, all or selected remittances from database. What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get Print Preview with zoom-in, zoom-out, fit page and multiple printer options.

  • Powerful database search finds all claim references in the remittance database where patient PCN/account number, HIC number, member name or number, or payer ICN 'equals', 'starts with' or 'contains' a user-entered value.

    One-click printing or reprinting of reports when desired claim adjudication records are located.

  • On-line remittance viewer for browse/select of claims; from viewer, mark individual claims for printing.

  • Archive and Extract Wizard allows users to move, delete or extract to a delimited file any remittances by individual selection or date range to take maximum advantage of the PPPS' support for multiple databases.

  • Change sort order of claims within remittance for printing or on-screen viewing at will using Patient Account Number or PCN, Name, HIC#, Member/Subscriber/Policy# and more.

  • Fast, efficient and proven: The PPPS uses the same copyrighted Tal Systems EDI scanning technology in use at thousands of user sites across the USA.

  • Use any database with an ODBC 3.0+ driver available; includes major commercial databases Microsoft Access, Oracle, SQL Server, MySql and more.

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