• Supports provider participation in payer Electronic Funds Transfer and Electronic Remittance Advice without a major software investment; funds and adjudication details are available immediately without waiting for the U.S. Mail, Federal Express or other carrier for checks, EOB's and other remittance documentation.

  • Assists provider with Remittance Reconciliation - identifying which claims have been adjudicated by the payer - and Remittance Posting - crediting the patient account.

  • Eliminates the need for a service bureau/clearinghouse and the associated subscription and/or per-remittance document fees.

  • Reduces "paper document" handling and storage; decreases lost, misplaced or stolen documents, enhancing the security of confidential patient data.

  • Provides advance HIPAA-readiness. Enhanced patient data security and audit trails for all transactions are automatic; and the PPPS supports the ANSI ASC X12N X091 Remittance Advice, which will be the only HIPAA-compliant ERA format when the remittance provisions of the 1996 HIPAA are fully implemented.

  • Facilitates bank account, payer and patient account reconciliation by storing all remittance data for search, recall or reprint on-demand.

  • Provides industry standard structured data storage, allowing the user to generate additional historical or specialty reporting, develop automatic posting to existing claims processing or practice management systems, and create personalized patient statements for copays, coinsurance and deductibles. Users of Microsoft Access® or Visual BASIC®, Lotus Approach®, Seagate Crystal Reports® and other software may create these reports and interfaces using their existing tools.

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