Tal Systems' Provider Payment Partner System is Windows® desktop software for providers, durable medical equipment vendors, laboratories and other health care organizations which receive payment directly from third-party payers such as insurance companies, HMOs and government programs. The PPPS maps payers' Electronic Remittance Advice files from the ANSI '835 Health Care Remittance' format into a database or creates delimited files. From the database, the system provides a series of on-screen inquiries and printed reports.

The PPPS supports both HIPAA-mandated implementations of the 835 Heath Care Claim/Payment Advice document, the 004010-based X091 (in use 2001 thru 2011) and the 005010-based X221 (optional use beginning 2011, exclusive use mandated beginning January 1 2012).

Legacy maps can be obtained to permit scanning and storage of pre-HIPAA Medicare and other implementations of the '835' document.

The PPPS was first released in October 2001 and has been in continuous service since that time.

PPPS Version 4.0 Released May 2011

Tal Systems is pleased to announce the release of version 4.0 of the PPPS.  Standard Features now include:

Support for the new X221 implementation of the '835.'

Support for both X091 (004010-based) and X221 (005010-based) versions included and transparent to the user

User-Maintainable Literals for Coded Values

The text which appears on inquiries and reports describing codes for claim and remittance adjustment reasons, claim status, and payment remarks is now totally user-maintainable, eliminating the need for software updates and allowing the inclusion of 'special' codes used by selected payers.

Configuration File Relocation and Override

The name of the PPPS configuration file may be specified on the command line or in a shortcut, enabling multiple users on a network to share defaults. Minus overrides the PPPS can now be operated using the full capabilities of the Windows' User Account Control security system.

PPPS 4.0: The Last Major Release

Tal Systems Inc. founder and chief software designer Michael Mattias announced in summer 2010 that PPPS version 4.0 will be the last major version of PPPS to be published by TSI. Read the letter sent to all current TSI healthcare software products users (Rich Text format):

TSI's plans for the PPPS and other Healthcare Software

Take a Tour of the PPPS 

For more details and to see the screens and reports included in the PPPS, click below and run the PPPS Tour software. Full-featured time-limited evaluation version available on request; contact Tal Systems Inc. for details.

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